Saudi Arabia Work Visa from Dubai Requirements

Saudi Arabia Work Visa

  1. E-Visa destinated to dubai.
  2. CR copy of the company in KSA.
  3. Work contract attested from the chamber room in KSA.
  4. E-Authorization destinated to VFS Tasheel.
  5. NOC from the company in UAE.
  6. Education certificate attested from KSA embassy in the country which graduated from.
  7. Medical test from Al-Refaa hospital for KSA embassy.
  8. Police clearance for work destinated to KSA consulate.
  9. Passport ,Visa , Emirates ID copies.
  10. One photo with white background.




  1. Original Passport and Photocopy
  2. Passport validity should be more than 6 months
  3. Copy of valid UAE residence visa page 
  4. Copy of Emirates ID Card or renewal form. Application form for new Emirates ID Card should be stamped by Emirates ID Authority
  5. One Photograph with white background (The photograph size should be 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm) not older than three months, no uniform, with white background, DARK DRESS and frontal view ) not more than 3 month old 
  6. Passport should have at least 2 blank pages
  7. Applicants with travel document should not have any restrictions or conditions which prevents them from travelling
  8. Require  labour card or a work permit for residents on personal sponsorship
  9. Work permit issued by the competent authorities in the Kingdom.
  10. Medical examination report from any government hospitals in UAE, and should be attested by  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE
  11. Educational Certificates should be attested from MoFA of the issuing country, KSA Embassy in that country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE 
  12. Work Experience Certificates for Skilled and Technical Labor which is attested by  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE
  13. Photocopy of employment contract signed by the applicant and the employer, attested by chamber of Commerce in KSA
  14. Electronic authorization from a private recruitment office / Chamber of Commerce in the Kingdom / from the Saudi company to Employer or to VFS TASHEEL.
  15. Police Clearance Certificate from UAE  and should be attested by  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE
  16. No objection letter from U A E sponsor.
  17. Attached medical report is mandatory to be filled by the hospital which conducts medical for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Work and Resident visa in Abu Dhabi also the same needs to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE

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